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About the Global Modern Slavery Directory

Modern slavery is a global issue that requires a coordinated global response. This is the case both for the work to eradicate it in the long term, and in the immediate, to help individual survivors find freedom right now. The non-governmental organization (NGOs), multilateral institutions, government stakeholders, and law enforcement agencies working to combat modern slavery must be to find each other and to connect across borders. With this goal in mind, Polaris has created the Global Modern Slavery Directory (GMSD), an interactive, publicly searchable map and database of organizations and agencies across the globe that address the issue of modern slavery and human trafficking. The GMSD also provides a visualization of the global safety net so that stakeholders and researchers can observe where there are gaps in services for vulnerable populations and connect to respond accordingly.

The GMSD includes organizations that address all types of human trafficking, including sex trafficking, forced labor and debt bondage, forced marriage and child marriage, child trafficking, child pornography, organ trafficking, trafficking within international adoption, and international marriage brokering mechanisms (“bride trafficking”).

Organizations include direct service providers, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, as well as groups that carry out awareness, advocacy and prevention efforts, or organizations that may assist victims of trafficking while addressing related issues, such as labor exploitation, child protection, or domestic violence.

The Global Modern Slavery Directory is designed to be a useful tool for all stakeholders in the global anti-trafficking field: service providers, potential victims, survivors, community members, researchers, students, and others looking to identify or connect with resources.

Our Partners

We are proud to be partnered with the Freedom Collaborative, an online, password-protected platform for anti-trafficking stakeholders that offers a newsfeed updated by users, a global community of organizations and research, and programmatic and legal resources.

We are also honored to be working with the Eurasia Foundation in building out a robust CSO network that collaborates to address human trafficking issues across Eurasia.

Organizations listed within the GMSD that are also a part of the Freedom Collaborative and/or the Eurasia Foundation are easily identifiable on the directory with the following badges: and respectively.

How to Join or Update Your Information

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Organizations within the GMSD

Please note that inclusion in the Global Modern Slavery Directory does not indicate an endorsement by the creators of the GMSD. Organizations listed in the GMSD met minimum requirements for inclusion based on information self-reported by each organization, and opted in to have their information shared publicly on the site. For more information and inclusion criteria, review the GMSD – Service Provider Guidelines and Expectations document. The Global Modern Slavery Directory has taken reasonable steps to verify that each organization has met inclusion criteria; however, the Global Modern Slavery Directory is not responsible for the accuracy of information contained on this site.

Reprint/Repost Requests

Information and resources available at may be reprinted and reposted so long as the resources are used in their entirety without edits and the repost cites the Global Modern Slavery Directory.

Polaris would like to thank Chong & Koster for their development and support of the GMSD website.

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